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Condenser Over GLR

This is a general purpose batch reaction distillation unit to be operated at atmospheric pressure, or vacuum.

Vapours from the GL Reactor rise through the column and enter to condensers.

Condensate then is either refluxed back or collected into a container or receiver.

The unit is complete with adaptor plate, bellow, column, pipe line, coil condensers, vent, reflux line and drain valve.

A receiver with drain valve can be added optionally. Refer selection chart for different options available for couplings, structure, receiver vessels etc.

The unit is available for GL Reactors 63Ltr. to 3000Ltr.

Glass Assembly for bigger capacity GLRs can be designed on request.

Unit Cat.Ref.Reactor capacityVapour ColumnCondenser HTA
GRU250250 L80mm x 1.5m1.5x2
GRU500500 L100mm x 2m1.5x2
GRU10001000 L100mm x 2m2.5x2
GRU20002000 L150mm x 3m2.5x3
GRU30003000 L150mm x 3m4.0x2

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